Master of Ceremonies

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The Master of Ceremonies (MC) announce performances on one of the festival stages.

We’ll provide speaking notes and the stage programs so you have all the information about performances.

We are looking for natural public speakers with high energy to act as the official hosts of the festival.

Please note there are limited shifts for MCs.


This is an outdoor volunteer role stationed at a stage, so you’ll need to navigate the stage set up.

All stages will have one set of stairs and one ramp to access the stage floor. You will have a chair to rest on between announcements.

It will require you to interact with people and support them in their roles. It will be busy and loud.


  • Introduce performers by reading your MC notes
  • Assist the stage manager to keep the festival program running to time
  • Welcome audiences and share key festival information from your MC notes during performance breaks and changeovers
  • Take direction from precinct managers and read announcements they give you
  • Assist the precinct manager during performances, such as bringing water to artists, tidying dressing rooms, and monitoring crowds

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