Stall categories

NMF Stall categories

The National Multicultural Festival Stall Categories

Are you eager to set up a stall at the National Multicultural Festival? Fantastic! But first, let's dive into the six priority categories to find your perfect fit.

Priority 1: Community Treasures

In this category, we welcome community stallholders. Whether you're selling culturally influenced items like arts, crafts, instruments, jewelry, clothing, or homewares, we've got a spot for you. The focus here is on celebrating culture, so no business promotions are allowed. If you're dealing with food or liquor, you can still showcase cultural arts and crafts. Tell us how your organization champions multiculturalism and inclusion to increase your chances.

Priority 2: Multicultural Information

Multicultural community organizations, registered charities, and not-for-profits, this one's for you. Use this stall to share information, not products. Educate and promote your mission with pride.

Priority 2: Diplomatic Connections

Diplomatic missions can grab a spot for up to three days. While no food sales are allowed, you can add flavor with cultural displays and even provide food samples if discussed beforehand.

Priority 3: Community Clubs

Licensed clubs registered with Access Canberra, come forth. We value organizations that wholeheartedly support multiculturalism, inclusion, and participation.

Priority 4: Local Business Vibes

Local business operators in the ACT region, listen up. If you're selling food, liquor, or culturally influenced items like arts and crafts, you belong here. Show us how you blend with the festival's spirit.

Priority 5: Interstate Connections

Interstate applications are considered after we've looked at all local ones. Once we've celebrated our local talents, we extend the embrace to our interstate friends.

Priority 6: Sunday Information

Here, community organizations, registered charities, and not-for-profits can have an information stall on Sundays. It's all about sharing knowledge, not products. Demonstrate your commitment to multiculturalism, inclusion, and participation, and we'll make space for you.

Please remember, the festival team ensures a welcoming and respectful environment for all attendees, so we reserve the right to refuse applications not aligned with these principles.

Join us at Australias largest celebration of cultural diversity