Stalls assessment

National multicultural festival NMF Stalls assessment

Stalls Assessment and Criteria

Ever wondered how stalls are selected and assessed for the National Multicultural Festival? We've got the scoop on the criteria that make it all happen.

Cultural Value - Adding Diversity

Our first criterion is all about cultural value. We ask, does this application enrich the cultural diversity of the festival? We're on the lookout for offerings that bring a fresh perspective.

Originality - Uniqueness Counts

Originality is key. We want to know if your stall brings something unique to the table. If it's not entirely one-of-a-kind, we still consider its value in enhancing the festival's variety and appeal.

Local Industry Participation - Supporting the Community

Are you a local from the Canberra region? It's a plus! We appreciate local industry participation. Showcasing our region's talents and flavors is a win-win.

Food and Beverage Stalls - Tasty Details

For food and beverage stalls, we scrutinize the sample menu. Does it accurately represent what you have to offer? We also emphasize value for money, aiming for at least one item priced under $10.

Criteria and Priority Categories

Stalls are assessed based on these criteria, all while considering priority categories. It's essential to note that previous inclusion in the festival doesn't guarantee selection.

Information Stalls - Adding Value

Information stalls play a vital role. We evaluate if the information offered benefits attendees and the multicultural community. Alignment with the festival's aims and values is crucial.

Rating Scale - From Low to High Standard

  1. Lastly, we employ a rating scale to assess each stall:
  2. Does not meet the requirement
  3. Almost or some of the applications meet the requirement
  4. Meets the requirement
  5. Meets the requirement to a high standard
  6. Meets the requirement to a very high standard

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