Waste Management

Important waste management information for all stallholders operating at the 2019 NMF [PDF 307KB]


The National Multicultural Festival and the Actsmart Public Event program have again joined forces to provide recycling facilities at this year’s festival.

NMF Stallholders along with the public, have the opportunity to recycle all cardboard, paper, cans, plastic bottles, glass, grey water and cooking oil.

Trial of Organic Waste Collection

As many of you will know a great deal of the waste from the festival is left over food and other organics like fruit and vegetable skins, coffee grounds and food scraps. This year traders who are willing to separate this organic waste, will be provided with a food waste / organic material bin which will be disposed of into one of our local composting facilities. Further information on how to sign up for one of these bins will be provided at the NMF Stallholder information evening that will be held on Monday 3 December 2018.

Straws Suck

This year NMF has made the pledge to support the ACT Government Straws suck campaign. This means we will be encouraging traders to not automatically hand out a straw with drink purchases as well as encouraging traders to buy paper straws for those patrons that really need one. Stallholders can also make the pledge themselves by going to the www.actsmart.act.gov.au website.

Trial of Excess Food Donation

Oz Harvest has also come on board this year and will be collecting donations from Traders who have excess food at the completion of the festival.

Further information on what food is eligible and how to donate will be provided at the Trader information evening.

Business as Usual

As at previous festivals, festival management will need stallholders to follow the waste management guidelines listed below in order to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill by the festival.

  • Flatten all cardboard from bump in and place it at the front or back of your stall (for collection by waste contractor).
  • During the event flatten all cardboard and take directly to the Waste Compound (located in Tocumwol Lane).
  • During the event take all recycling and waste to the Waste Compound.
  • All recycling should be placed in yellow topped hoppers and all waste should be placed red topped hoppers.
  • Place all used cooking oil into the Frytol tin supplied to you. When you leave on Friday and Saturday night ensure the lid is secure and leave outside your tent for collection by waste contractor.
  • All grey water used for hand washing and washing utensils in your stall will need to be disposed of into the grey water container provided in the Waste Compound. Do not poor this water down drains or on gardens.

Further details about waste management and how to report any issues or problems can be directed to Waste Away Staff (site office located in Waste Compound) or by approaching an event volunteer.

An Actsmart representative will be available at bump in and throughout the event for any assistance you require.

Guidelines for Purchasing Food Packaging

The National Multicultural Festival is signed up to the Actsmart Public Event Recycling program and therefore is committed to improving the sustainability of the event.

To assist us in doing this we ask that any food or beverage containers used at the festival meet the following requirements:

  1. They are NOT made of polystyrene (polystyrene is not recyclable in the ACT)
  2. They are NOT compostable or biodegradable (compostable and biodegradable packaging is only suitable for events where patrons are asked to separate out organic waste into separate bins, if used at the NMF it is likely they will contaminate the recycling stream).
  3. They ARE made of paper or cardboard, preferably recycled.
  4. They ARE made of hard plastic, preferably recycled (hard plastic can be defined as any plastic that springs back into shape after being crushed).

If you have any questions or would like some advice on purchasing packaging, please feel free to contact Shelley Cooper, Actsmart Public Events, on 6207 6644.

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