Stallholder Information

Induction Session

Stallholder Induction Session [PDF 5.1MB]

Terms and Conditions

Stallholder Terms and Conditions [PDF KB]

Next Steps for Stallholder Applicants

  • The Festival Team will assess all stallholder applications. Assessment is set to conclude by mid-late October.
  • Successful stallholders will receive a formal letter of offer with an attached invoice.
  • Payment is required within seven working days of receiving the invoice, noting that it can take up to three working days for payments to be received.

Stall Allocation

The Festival Team will take into consideration the location requests made during the application process, however no guarantee is given. Stallholders applying to participate for the three days will be given preference for location on the footprint and will remain at the same site for the duration of the event.

Stall allocations will be determined by the Festival team with consideration of:

  • Security, safety and public access and egress;
  • Location of showcases;
  • Stallholders requested location;
  • Competition with other similar stalls; and
  • Shop owner’s interests and existing infrastructure.

NOTE: Stall locations will not be negotiable once allocated.

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