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2018 Entertainment Applications closed 30 September 2017

2018 National Multicultural Festival Participation Policy [PDF 465KB] [Word 58KB]

The below Entertainment were at the 2017 National Multicultural Festival, will you be there in 2018?

Download the Program or visit individual performers below for times and locations.


Jasmine Flower

Jasmine Flower

Time: 19 February 2017 12.20pm
Location: Stage 3, Ainslie Avenue Cul De Sac (Off London Circuit)

Jess McKerlie Gender Spanner

Canberra Fringe Festival

Gender Spanner is a joyous and empowering hour of burlesque, cabaret and labels that just don’t stick.

The brainchild of Melbourne performance and visual artist Jessica McKerlie (PACT Ensemble, People Piss In Here), Gender Spanner tells McKerlie's story to empower you to raise your voice and tell your own.

Armed with a ukulele, spinning plates and more clothes than you can fit in your wardrobe, McKerlie presents a smorgasboard of original music, burlesque and poetry that goes to the core of what it is to be human.

Spend an hour with Mckerlie and realise that you don't need to allow others to define and label you. Take back your labels, define you for yourself and tell your own story.

"Thoughtful, hilarious and bracingly intimate."

- Aussie Theatre

Written by and Starring Jessica McKerlie.
Directed by Sarah Platts.
Produced by Lauren Eisinger.

Gender Spanner

Time: 18 February 2017 9.30pm
Location: The Fringe

Johnny Huckle

The Childrens Sanctuary

Indigenous Performer Award winning singer Johnny Huckle has been performing around the country for over thirty years. John is more than a singer and musician, he is an entertainer with an infectious ability to engage his audience to the max. One minute he is comical and funny, the next moving and poignant.

With his big voice and dynamic guitar work, John is one huge package of talent. His musical diversity includes the Blues, Country, Contemporary Folk, R &B and Rock.

As a song writer, his lyrics are potent and thought provoking as they deliver strong and inspiring messages. His songs reach out to his audiences, touching them on many levels. While some make you want to dance and sing along, others will bring a tear to your eye or leave you in deep thought.

Johnny Huckle

Time: 18 February 2017 11.00am
Location: Canberra Museum and Gallery Building, 180 London Circuit (CMAG)

Time: 18 February 2017 3.00pm
Location: Canberra Museum and Gallery Building, 180 London Circuit (CMAG)

Time: 19 February 2017 3.30pm
Location: Canberra Museum and Gallery Building, 180 London Circuit (CMAG)

Jugal Bandi

Purvi Desai

Time: 18 February 2017 8.50pm
Location: Stage 2, Petrie Plaza East

Justin Yap Band

Performing an eclectic mix of Blues, Soul, Funk, Roots, and Jazz

From Melbourne, Australia, the band has one foot planted firmly in the traditions of soul, funk, blues and jazz while the other moving forward creating new music branching from American roots music. The JYB is constantly exploring ideas through songwriting and improvising, culminating into Let Love, the band’s most cohesive effort to date.

Justin Yap Soul Band

Time: 18 February 2017 7.15pm
Location: Stage 7, The Sanctuary (Petrie Plaza West)

Time: 18 February 2017 9.00pm
Location: Stage 7, The Sanctuary (Petrie Plaza West)