2024 National Multicultural Festival grant guidelines

Unlocking Opportunities with Festival Grants

National Multicultural Festival grants play a vital role in fostering community participation and celebrating cultural diversity at our annual festival. These grants are designed exclusively for projects conducted within the festival's vibrant atmosphere. In 2024, eligible projects must take place at the festival site from February 16 to 18, 2024.

$200,000 in Funding Available

For 2024, we are thrilled to announce a total grant pool of $200,000, to be distributed among four dynamic categories:

  1. Community Performance
  2. Stall Activity or Decoration
  3. Community Workshop
  4. Cultural Showcase

Grant Application Timeline

The grant application process follows the following schedule:

  • Open for Applications: Starting from 12 pm on Wednesday, July 5, 2024.
  • Closed: Concluding at 3 pm on Tuesday, August 8, 2024.

We sincerely appreciate the overwhelming response and enthusiasm in applying for our 2024 event, which garnered more applications than ever before. As we received an extraordinary number of submissions, we cannot accept late applications.

For the 2024 grants, we have not yet revealed the selected recipients. Applicants will receive an email notifying them of the outcome in October 2023.

Who Is Eligible?

Festival grants are open to a diverse range of applicants, including:

  • Individuals
  • Community Groups
  • Organizations
  • Partnerships or Collaborations

However, please note that profit-making groups, government entities, and registered political parties are ineligible for grant applications.

Additional Requirements

For applicants seeking grants exceeding $1,000, the following conditions apply:

  • Be part of an incorporated organization
  • Be part of a registered charity or not-for-profit
  • Be auspiced (supported) by an incorporated organization

Exploring Grant Categories

Here's a brief overview of the grant categories, and for more comprehensive details, consult our 2024 National Multicultural Festival Grant Guidelines:

  1. Community Performance
    • Includes stage performances, cooking demonstrations, and parade participation.
    • Maximum grant amount: $2,500.
  1. Stall Activity or Decoration
    • Encompasses professional printing, cultural fabric, ornamentation for your stall's enhancement, and indoor stall activities like crafts, games, or costuming.
    • Maximum grant amount: $1,000.
  1. Community Workshop
    • Features workshops in arts and crafts, traditional music, language teaching, and other cultural sharing and learning activities.
    • These workshops will be incorporated into the festival's primary program.
    • Maximum grant amount: $2,500.
  1. Cultural Showcase
    • Reserved for community-curated, culturally or thematically linked performances on festival stages.
    • The grant may cover professional performer fees and decorations.
    • Maximum grant amount: $10,000.

Please note that community performers involved in a showcase must apply for funding under the community performance category.

For in-depth information on each category, kindly consult our 2024 National Multicultural Festival Grant Guidelines.

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