Getting There

National Multicultural Mask

The National Multicultural Festival is held in the heart of the city centre and is easily accessible. Parking is limited, so other means of transportation to the Festival is recommended.

Accessible Parking Points

Accessible parking is available on London Circuit across the road from Bailey's Corner. Canberra Centre has 34 accessible parking bays located within the Centre car park. For more information please contact the Canberra Centre Car Park Management Office on 02 6248 7844.

Accessible Drop-off Points

Accessible drop-off points are designed to assist people with limited mobility to be dropped-off at the festival and picked up. They can be accessed via Bunda Street and London Circuit. Parking is strictly not permitted and vehicles must display an authorised disability permit.

Bycling & Walking

Canberra has a vast array of shared paths, footpaths and on-road cycling lanes. View the Cycling & Walking Map to work out your best route.

Transport Canberra

Transport Canberra buses are a great way of getting to the Festival, and very reasonably priced. Just think, you won’t have to worry about parking! Bonus!

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