International Acts


Amira MedunjaninAmira

Returning to the Festival for the second year running Amira Medunjanin is a female singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina and is an interpreter of Sevdalinka (is a traditional genre of folk music from Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Amira balances respect for the ancient style with experimentation to bring a melancholy and emotional rendition that connects with all present. Amira will be performing with Ante Gelo an guitarist, composer and arranger and Zvonimir Sestak an accomplished jazz musician.

Join Amira at stage 1 on Saturday for her moving performance which will end with a bang as she performs at the closing ceremony of theFestival Parade!

Saturday 22 February 4.15pm – Stage 1


Maja MilinkovicMaja Milinković

Maja Milinković (born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is an artist whose voice and charisma awaken emotions and touches the hearts of the audience.

An excellent interpreter, author and composer of fado and sevdalinka, Maja effortlessly embodies the emotion of these two musical heritages; Portugal and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fadolinka combines two musical traditions and is a gourmet album for fans of true universal values ​​that never grow old. Maja will be accompanied at the Festival by a virtuoso and composer on the Portuguese guitar, Luís Coelho.

Friday 21 February 5.30pm – Stage 1
Friday 21 February 9.20pm – Stage 4
Saturday 22 February 3.15pm – Stage 1


Playa LimboPlaya Limbo

With more than 12 years of career, sold outs in the most iconic theatres in Mexico, 2 gold records, USA and South American tours, 4 studio recordings and several awards in Mexico.

Playa Limbo is on global tour to showcase their unique fusion of as jazz, folk and 80's and 90's music.

Playa Limbo will get you dancing into the night!

Friday 21 February 8.35pm – Stage 2
Sunday 23 February 2.50pm – Stage 4


The BeezThe beez

The Beez from Berlin are your favourite record store. Country, Bluegrass and Americana.

A little Berlin Cabaret and Bert Kaempfert. Post-punk, blues, funk. A little Barry White. Rockabilly.

Dedicated to diversity, The Beez are a veritable pop-up music shop, who will be roving around the festival – be sure to check them out!

Friday 21 February 5pm – Stage 4
Saturday 22 February 5.15pm – Roving
Sunday 23 February – Roving


Melodies of SindhMelodies of Sindh (Pakistan)

Sindh is an ancient region also known as Indus Valley in the region of Indian subcontinent.

With a history, language, art and culture that is over 7000 years old.

Melodies of Sindh will bring the Double Flute (Sindhi Cultural musical instrument known as ALGHOZO) & cultural singer to entertain festival goers.

Friday 21 February 8.50pm – Stage 6
Saturday 22 February 11.30am – Stage 2
Sunday 23 February 3.30pm – Stage 4



Avaiki musical outfit Kaumaakonga consists of musicians from the Solomon Islands, who breathe new life into their traditional Avaiki chants by combining traditional rhythms and percussion with panpipes, guitar and unique vocal harmonies.

They rework and perform the chants and stories of their Polynesian forefathers, many which were previously forbidden and at risk of disappearing.

You’ll be taken on a sonic journey from the past and propel them to the future of modern/traditional Polynesian and Melanesian musical fusions.

Friday 21 February 7.05pm – Stage 2
Saturday 22 February 10.20am – Stage 2


Dhriti NartanalayaDhriti Nartanalaya

Bangabandhu (friend of Bengal) Sheikh Mujibor Rahman, the father of the nation dreamt of an independent Bangladesh and led us to a nationhood at a short span of time. On 17 March 2020, the whole nation will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bangabandhu's birth.

Life of Bangabandhu was full of struggles for multiculturism, multilingualism and self-determination. He was put to jail on numerous occasions for his standing behind the mass people for their rights.

Dhriti Nartanalaya’s performance will depict the struggles of people of Bangladesh under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, for right to speak in mother tongue ,self-determination and for an independent country through classical dance performed by a group of 8 renowned dancers.

Saturday 22 February 4.30pm – Stage 6

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