Entertainment - Performers

For more than 20 years, the festival has drawn performers and participants from across the ACT and the globe. They come together to bring to life a cross-cultural experience like no other in Australia.

The annual National Multicultural Festival in 2019 held in Civic will be once more the hub for cultural entertainment. Throughout the day, and into the late hours of the night, it will host a variety of engaging music, concerts, and dance and much more all showcasing a variety of cultural themes.

A jam-packed program across six stages over the weekend will be featured for your enjoyment. So stay tuned for regular updates on the program headline acts, and entertainment participants.

The National Multicultural Festival is seeking applications from performers, professional artists and community groups for the 2019 Festival being held from 15- 17 February 2019. There are two categories under which you can apply - the through an Expression.

Apply Online - Professional Performers Expression of Interest https://csd.eventsair.com/2019-nmf/performers-app-professional

Apply Online - Volunteer Performers Application  https://csd.eventsair.com/2019-nmf/performers-app-volunteer

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