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The National Multicultural Festival began in 1996 and has since evolved into the biggest occasion on Canberra’s event landscape. In the very beginnings of the Festival, it was a one-day event, eventually moving to a 2-week Festival. Over the course of the last 23 years it has developed into the 3-day Festival it is now, which allows Canberrans, national and international visitors alike to congregate in Canberra over one weekend for what is one of the biggest celebrations of cultural diversity across Australia.


The Festival is a celebration that promotes equality of opportunity, maintaining social cohesion, building social capital and minimising social exclusion for culturally and linguistically diverse Canberrans.


The National Multicultural Festival provides an opportunity for all Canberrans from all walks of life to participate in a celebration of cultural diversity and social inclusion, be it through performing, sponsorship, volunteering or as a stallholder.

Ministers message

Chris Steel MLA (ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs) is proud to announce the 2020 National Multicultural Festival will be held from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 February 2020, one of Australia’s biggest and most diverse celebrations held in the heart of Canberra.

For updates on planning during the months ahead, follow the Festival via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. ‘National Multicultural Festival’.

The Festival team

We are delighted to be working alongside our community partners to help bring the 2019 National Multicultural Festival to life.

With lots of innovative and exciting elements added to the mix, Canberra's favourite annual event is bound to be one of the best on record.

For updates on the 2020 festival, follow the Festival via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

For media inquiries please email CSD.Media@act.gov.au

If you have any questions email the Festival team at inbox@Multiculturalfestival.act.gov.au

Azra Khan

Festival Director

Azra Khan
Phone: 6205 0522 or Email: azra.khan@act.gov.au

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