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Participation Policy for the 2017 National Multicultural Festival

2017 National Multicultural Festival Participation Policy [PDF 181KB] [Word 133KB]

Objective of the National Multicultural Festival:

The key objective of the annual National Multicultural Festival is to provide a platform for the celebration of the rich cultural diversity of the Australian Capital Territory through the participation by members of multicultural community groups showcasing their respective cultural traditions and heritage. This event aligns with the ACT Government’s vision of a socially inclusive and interactive society, one in which everyone in the community feels valued and has the opportunity to participate fully in the life of our society.

The National Multicultural Festival is also used as a vehicle to promote languages as required by the ACT Multicultural Framework 2015-2020.

Purpose of the Participation Policy:

The dual purpose of this Participation Policy is to provide a framework that ensures that the opportunity exists for Canberra’s culturally diverse community groups wishing to showcase their respective cultural traditions as well as to ensure the financial viability of the event into the future.

Dates for the 2017 National Multicultural Festival

The 2017 National Multicultural Festival will be staged from 17 February to 19 February 2017. A printed program of the 2017 event will be available in January 2017.

Guidelines for Stallholders:

All Community and Information stallholders in the 2017 National Multicultural Festival must be incorporated bodies and registered as an organisation under the Associations Act 1991 or under the auspices of an incorporated body.

All stallholders must have public liability insurance to the value of no less than $10 million.
All stallholders selling alcoholic beverages must include food for public consumption or heritage and traditional items at the point of sale and must apply for a liquor licensing permit.
Stalls found not to comply with requirements as outlined in the Stallholder Information Sheet, including appropriate tagging of electrical equipment and liquor licensing requirements will be shut down.

Charging and Allocation Regime:

Stallholders applying to participate for the three days will be given preference for location in the footprint and will remain at the same site for the duration of the event.

Canberra City businesses will be given preference over commercial operators to participate and will be charged at the commercial rate.

Stalls will be allocated based around a number of factors including:

Where goods (food/craft) are being sold, the following charges will apply:

The charges for Community stalls will be:

The charges for Commercial stalls will be:

The charges for information stalls will be:

If information stallholders select any other packages outside of the above, they will be charged the community rate.

The charges for Diplomatic cultural stalls will be:

If Diplomatic stallholders select any other packages outside of the above, they will be charged the community rate.

Please note:

To ensure as many communities as possible are able to participate in the Festival, stall allocations may be restricted to 3x3 in the event that interest exceeds capacity. Applications for 6x3 may be offered a 3x3 stall if space on the Festival footprint becomes an issue.

Power charging regime

The Festival will only provide 10 and 15 amp power to stalls at the price of $80 per unit. Stallholders requesting 20 amp power leads will be charged $135 per unit and three phase power will be $230 extra per unit.

Applications and payments

Stall applications must be completed and submitted online and stallholders must make payment by cheque, EFT or money within seven (7) working days of receiving the invoice by the Territory.

Stallholders with outstanding fees from previous festivals will be excluded from participating in the 2017 event.

Applicants wishing to seek a waiver of the stall charges should do so in writing to:

Community Participation Group
Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT 2601

Written cases for waiver of the charges will be considered ONLY where community groups can demonstrate financial hardship and plausible reasons for not applying for financial assistance under available grants programs.

Implementation timetable:

Applications for participation in the 2017 National Multicultural Festival will open on
15 August 2016 and close on 14 October 2016.

Stalls will be allocated as the applications and payments are submitted. If the number of applications for stalls exceeds the available number of stalls, priority will be given to those organisations that have committed to three day participation, and/or are ACT based community groups.

Applicants who do not receive a stall for the Food and Dance Spectacular on
Saturday 17 February 2017 will be able to negotiate stalls for the Friday or Sunday of the event and/or be placed on a reserve list for Saturday.

Stall allocations will be by letter to successful applicants by no later than 15 January 2017.

Stall allocations will also be announced at the two Information Sessions for stallholders in December 2016. All participants are required to attend this valuable, informative session.

Entertainment policy guidelines:

Local multicultural community groups who wish to showcase their cultural traditions through performances will be given preference in the allocation of performance slots on the stages during the 2017 Festival.

All groups interested in participating in the Festival as performers must submit a formal application which includes a brief description of their performance and provide information on the age range of the performers by 30 September 2016, including any special sound, lighting or other requirements. Incomplete forms will NOT be accepted.

Community groups that receive multicultural grants to perform at the Festival must complete the standard application form available on the website and through the Community Participation Group, and make themselves known to the Entertainment Coordinator by 14 October 2016.

For more information, please visit the website: